Frequently Asked Questions

#WeTeachMeriwether is our video gallery to support the countywide marketing campaign, Meriwether Together. It is designed to galvanize our community and our district under one theme.  Market research proves that the public wants to know what’s going on in our classrooms and this is our way of showing it.  The campaign is also designed to improve employee morale by giving staff and students an outlet to showcase their talent and results.  #WeTeachMeriwether will allow parents and community members to see inside their children’s classrooms even though they are not present.

District employees and students will shoot and upload short videos (2 min. max) that share a lesson plan, a testimonial or activity in one of our schools.  After a quick review to ensure appropriate content, the videos will be disseminated through a variety of social media, email and presentations.

#WeTeachMeriwether accepts video submissions via file upload or video links.

File Upload

Uploaded videos must follow the criteria below. A thumbnail image is also required for all uploaded videos.

Accepted file types – mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, wmv, flv
Maximum file size – 64MB

Video Links

Videos can be embedded from any of the following sources:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Dailymotion
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr

A member of the District’s management team will manage the campaign and review each video. Administrators, teachers, students and support personnel all contribute by promoting the campaign, finding real-life “stories,” shooting the video “facebook quality” and submitting videos to #WeTeachMeriwether for review.

All district employees and students are encouraged to “tell your story” about what you taught or what you learned. Anyone can do it. Just look at your facebook page to see how stories are being communicated every day. Amateur videos are everywhere. A great #WeTeachMeriwether video doesn’t require full production with lights, camera and editing software. We just need you to tell your story in less than 2 minutes.

Here are some simple guidelines to participate in #WeTeachMeriwether:

  • Use cell phone, tablet or video camera.
  • Capture good sound by getting close or using microphone.
  • Shoot close up rather than zoom. Show faces and activities.
  • Use the exposure/focus lock so it’s automatically set, if available.
  • Use a tripod, when practical, to minimize jitter.
  • Tell a story in less than two minutes by limiting content.
  • Use editing software or just shoot and send a one-take video.
  • Shoot horizontal video (sideways shots), if possible.
  • Students may participate, but only under adult supervision.
  • Make sure “opt out” students are not filmed.
  • Find more tips HERE

Click on the  Submit A Video tab.
Register and answer confirmation email.
Log-in with your new password.
Follow instructions to submit and upload a video.
Wait for approval. You will be notified via email.
Disseminate through multiple channels.